built different: 5 reasons you’ll love training with fys

are you new to fys?

Great! If not, that’s cool, too. Wherever you are—whatever your skill set—you are welcome at FYS. 

Here are five reasons why you’ll love training with us.

1. you are welcome in our health and wellness community.

Are you tired of being yelled at to “feel the burn” or “sweat it to get it”? Good—you’re in the right place. That’s because FYS is not a workout regimen.

It’s not a weight-loss system.

It’s not even a gym or fitness center.

At FYS, we are a community of like-minded people who believe that a healthy and happy lifestyle revolves around three key principles:

• Mental wellness • Physical strength • Emotional stability

FYS was designed and developed by Erin Lingle, a certified movement coach and personal trainer who has decades of experience helping people find their strength.

The goal of FYS is to help you develop your strength from the inside out.

“When we work together,” says Erin, “you’ll learn to manage day-to-day stressors; show up for your families, friends, and community in a positive way; and develop strength that you never imagined.”

We just love Erin, and we know you will, too! Meet Erin.

2. our programs start with an acute awareness of mental wellness.

At FYS, you’re encouraged to discuss stressors, setbacks, and roadblocks that may be prohibiting your mental wellness.

As Erin explains, “We work together to get past these barriers. Our clients are human beings with real-life struggles, so we start every session with mental, social, and emotional health as we work on building strength.”

FYS is less about working out and more about training our minds and bodies to thrive—especially for those with anxiety, depression, or high-stress careers. When we start each day with a focus on a positive mindset, we prepare ourselves for success.

3. strength training is about mastering body movements.

Our strength training philosophy revolves around movement and flexibility. Aligned with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance and Health at Every Size, our strength training programs help people of all body types and experiences train safely, responsibly, and joyously. 

Curious? Follow @trainwithfys on Instagram and get to know Erin’s vibe! For example:


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Haven’t moved around in a while? Never once? That’s okay! Let’s find out which strength training movements are right for you. Contact us!

4. you can train in one-on-sessions, on your own or with an FYS community.

FYS is divided into two different programs: Find Your Strength and Train with Erin. There are a few caveats to each program, but here’s a quick rundown of both. 

find your strength

train with erin

Train individually

Get general workouts

Message a trainer for feedback

Engage at your own pace

Option to join Facebook community

  • Interact with others
  • Share insights
  • Ask questions
  • Get encouragement
Train in live, online sessions

Get personalized workouts

Receive feedback in real time

Participation varies by level

  • White Lotus (Beginner)
  • Yellow Lotus (Intermediate)
  • Green Lotus (Advanced)

Which training option sounds best for you? No matter what, you’ll be able to access the training, tools, and resources you need to feel strong inside and out. View our programs!

5. interactive training is offered through the TrueCoach fitness app.

TrueCoach is a fitness app that allows you to view and submit movement videos, track and measure progress, and direct message your coach for insights.

No matter which program you choose, you’ll have access to TrueCoach for:

Interactive Coaching
Watch training videos and upload your own to receive relevant instruction and pinpoint proper form. 

Healthy Habits
Identify your goals, track your movement history, and log results so you can visualize progress as you go.  

Direct Messaging
Ask your coach a question or comment on specific movements to get quick yet thoughtful feedback.


We hope you’ll find your strength with us as we continue to make the most meaningful impact for everyone in our community. Are you ready to find your strength? Sign up now!


Virtual & In-person programs available!
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