meet erin!

Hi! I’m Erin, owner & operator of FYS Fitness. With nearly two decades of experience as a physical educator, personal trainer, and movement coach, I’m helping people like you feel better about their bodies and minds through strength training.

everyone has their own journey toward physical and mental wellness. this is mine.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a mover and creator. As a kid, I spent much of my days in dance class learning tap combinations, shimmying with jazz hands, and practicing so many pirouettes. I spent so many summers creating games and enjoying activities outdoors.

In high school and college, I was a competitive high jumper who lived for the thrill of mastering my movements. The experience prepared me for a lifetime of enthusiasm for physical and mental health.

In my 20s, I required two surgeries: one for a hernia and the other for ankle reconstruction. That experience taught me how to recover safer and train smarter. Since then, I’ve trained for and run in 11 1/2 half-marathons with varying degrees of success.

I learned how devastating it can be to overwork yourself. I learned all the wrong ways to manage stress. I learned how to set boundaries for when to use my time and energy, which has allowed me to work more effectively in my relationships with family, friends, and clients.

When hip surgery ended my love of running, I found new opportunities to move my body without having to repeatedly pound the pavement. Boxing helped me heal trauma. Picking up kettlebells showed me how strong I could become. Looking forward helped give me perspective. 

Throughout so many of these experiences, I trained with clients, developed relationships, and helped others—and myself—thrive physically and mentally.

In short, I have always found—and always will find—joy in movement. I hope to share happiness through movement with all of you.

let’s get moving!

Being a consistent mover allows us to be our best selves. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it isn’t always pretty… but with the right coaching, you can move your body and train your mind to overcome physical roadblocks, mental stressors, and other behaviors that are holding you back. Together, we can motivate each other to become our healthiest, happiest selves. Are you ready to move? Let’s do it!