fitness programs for strong bodies and minds.

Going to the gym can have its perks, but it’s not for everyone.

With FYS, you’ll train with a true sense of purpose for the most meaningful results—both physically and mentally—as you embark on a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our programs focus on self-positivity and personalized training plans so you can identify stressors, hurdle roadblocks, and manage your experience with confidence.

team up with a coach, join our community, or both!

Do you want to adopt healthy habits? Boost your self-esteem? Achieve your fitness goals?

Pair up with a coach, train independently, or join a community of people who will support your journey toward personal growth.

At FYS, our coaches and clients are here to help you feel like your best self every single day.

choose the program that's right for you.


find your strength program

In our cornerstone program, you’ll have two plans to choose from: FYS Community and FYS Freestyle. Both plans will give you access to the TrueCoach fitness app, which you can use to get fit and stay healthy—but only one revolves around a private community of like-minded members.

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fys community plan

As a member of FYS Community, you’ll join a private Facebook group where you can share celebrations, ask questions, and learn new ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

FYS coaches will interact with you and others to modify strength training workouts, mental health strategies,and recovery plans.

You'll also be able to share experiences and support others in the community.

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fys freestyle plan

As an independent user of FYS Freestyle, you’ll participate in strength training sessions, cardio movements, and rest days—at your own pace—from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with an internet connection).

You’ll use this plan as a guide toward your own personal progress without the need for frequent feedback.

here’s how the fys program works:


sign up.

Choose a program plan and get invited to the TrueCoach app as well as the FYS portal.


start training.

Watch movement demonstration videos and start performing movements on your own.


submit your videos.

Record and upload your movement videos to the TrueCoach app.


get feedback.

Receive individualized feedback or general instruction (depending on your FYS program plan).


track your progress.

Use the TrueCoach app to enter your movement results and see your progress.


join our Facebook community.

Share insights and inspiration with others in a private community.*
* Available in the FYS Community program plan only.

which fys program plan is right for you?



open enrollment​


update your subscription at any time!

access to TrueCoach

access to Facebook community

regular form checks

individualized feedback

per month

per month

train with erin program

In this subscription-based program, you’ll participate in a set number of personalized workouts per month. Programs will include three days of strength training, a recovery + mobility day, and time for your own favorite activities, such as running or swimming.

train with erin:

When you train with Erin, you can choose one of three levels of participation. Developed for different people with different skill sets, each level ensures the safest and healthiest approach to fulfilling your fitness goals.

Which level is right for you?

yellow fys logo mark in a purple circle

yellow lotus

For people who are skilled with movements and can perform most exercises without direct coaching.

6 – 8 sessions per month

per month

green fys logo mark in a purple circle

green lotus

For people who are proficient in movements and can perform all exercises without direct coaching.

2 – 4 sessions per month

per month


orange lotus

For people who are excellent in movements and can perform all exercises without direct coaching.

1 – 2 sessions per month

per month

touch base with TrueCoach.

Our programs will give you instant access to TrueCoach, a fitness app that allows you to view and submit movement videos, track and measure progress, and direct message your coach for insights.

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Watch and upload training videos so you can receive instruction and pinpoint proper form.

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Identify goals, track movements, and log results so you can visualize progress as you go.

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Ask your coach a question or make a comment to get quick yet thoughtful feedback.

minimal equipment required!