choose your own (training) adventure

when I work on training with clients, I offer a “choose your own adventure” model.

I provide the programming, plan, and recommended reps and sets. My clients get to choose what and how they move from session to session.

We’re not robots. The fact that we’re living in this world will change what we can do during our training—as long as we’re paying attention. And as much as I love a spreadsheet, data, and tracking things, knowing when to scale back is critical in life (and in training).

When you’re training, it’s a good opportunity to look at how you treat yourself during a session. My bet is that it’s similar to how you treat yourself outside the session. 🤔

So during your next session, pick up the lighter bell, decrease your reps and sets, and leave a little left on the table. How does that feel when you consider doing less? Exciting? Uncomfortable? Fearful of missing out (FOMO)?

If you work with me, I will always encourage you to leave yourself feeling good—because we aren’t losing points for doing less. And doing less doesn’t mean we aren’t training hard. We are training hard and we’re also training smart.

I have a few 1:1 spots available. If you’re interested in moving your body in safe ways—and always having the option to do less—my IG DMs are always open.

Cheers to you leaving suffering behind.

hugs + high-fives,

"Erin" written in a handwriting font.


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