fys community: what it’s all about

have you been hearing or reading about the fys community plan?

At FYS, we are a community of like-minded people who believe that a healthy and happy lifestyle revolves around three key principles:

• Mental wellness • Physical strength • Emotional stability

FYS was designed and developed by Erin Lingle, a certified movement coach and personal trainer who has decades of experience helping people find their strength.

Ultimately, the goal of FYS is to help you develop your strength from the inside out.

what is the fys community plan?

The FYS Community Plan is a strength training program with a side of stress management strategies.

what will I do in the fys community plan?

For each week you’re in the community, you’ll:

Participate in THREE strength training days
Participate in ONE mobility day
Practice ONE stress management strategy
Direct message with your coach (that’s me!)
Share videos and receive feedback
Join a private Facebook community to share wins and stay motivated

why will you LOVE the fys community plan?
interactive coaching

Watch training videos and upload your own to receive relevant instruction and pinpoint proper form. 


Identify your goals, track your movement history, and log results so you can visualize progress as you go.  


Ask your coach a question or comment on specific movements to get quick yet thoughtful feedback.

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I’m excited to welcome you to this outstanding community! 

hugs + high-fives

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