fys consistency challenge: the total recap!

did you hear about the fys consistency challenge?

We just wrapped up a two-week challenge where participants practiced creating healthy habits and learned how to stick with them. If you missed out on the challenge, that’s okay! 

You can catch up on all the details of the challenge in this FYS Instagram post or read about it in this FYS blog

Or, if you want to skip ahead to some of the best pieces of advice people picked up along the way, I’ve compiled a quick list of tips and tricks for you here. 

3 ways to spark change

Quiet your inner critic. 

Have you ever really listened to that voice in your head?

It can be such a judgmental little punk.

During the challenge, notice how your mind responds to your activity and consider whether you should change something up. 

Start as small as possible. 

Your eyes are probably focused on a bigger goal that this healthy habit will help you achieve.

Let’s narrow your focus to just the one thing that you’re getting consistent with.

Make the thing achievable instead of this giant mountain to climb.

Be curious. Keep going.

Honestly, making mistakes is where growth happens.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a part of creating habits.

Things aren’t always going to go as planned, because sometimes life is just so damn heavy.

What can you learn from missteps along the way?


 4 quick hits for inspiration

Just keep showing up.  Have a setback? You decide when to begin again. Need to change something up? Go for it!

YOU make the rules.


Mental checklist for creating healthy habits

1 Make a list and check it twice.
What healthy habits are you planning to accomplish? Take longer walks? Drink more water? Find out whether you have the time or resources to stay on track so you don’t get tripped up down the line.
2 Identify barriers.
Work. Family. Life. Where can you carve out time to complete your challenges? Now’s the time to look at potential roadblocks and pre-determine your way around them.
3 Re-evaluate your motivation.
If you’re not doing this for YOU, please reconsider your motivation for participating. Our community is here to support you, but completing this challenge must start with you.


3 helpful books to help guide your journey


3 steps to best your motivation-stealing monster from Dr. B.J. Fogg

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Get clear on what YOU want. Think about it.

What really matters to you? Do you really want to drink water first thing in the morning? Why? What’s the point?

Dig deep into what you want.

Now that you’re clear on what you want, think of all the behaviors that will move you forward.

Then ask yourself, “What else?”

Whenever I do a task like this, I like setting a timer for three to five straight minutes of writing—without erasing or overthinking—as thoughts and ideas come to me.

Will you actually do the behavior? Will it have a high or low impact on achieving your goal?

Once you map out your behaviors, choose one that falls into the high-impact category.

If you can say, “Yes, I’ll do it,” then that becomes your focus point. 


5 reasons to sign up for the fys community plan

1 The FYS Community Plan is a strength training program that blends in stress management strategies.
2 This plan was created for anyone who is new to strength training or is returning after some time away.
3 Each week of the plan is designed with:

  • THREE strength training days
  • ONE mobility day
  • ONE stress management tool 
4 To help you make the best decisions about your training, you can “rate your day” with a metric tool that documents your:

• Stress
• Sleep
• Hydration
• Muscle soreness
• Energy levels

5 This plan is best for people who are looking for:

• Clear instruction
• Thoughtful feedback
• A supportive community




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Thanks to everyone who shared their healthy habit-forming journey with the FYS community!


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