how to set goals for personal health and wellness

for me, there are four steps to setting goals for your own personal health and wellness.

Here’s what they are and how they can help you along your journey to a better self.

1. reflect on yourself.

The first step is getting clear on your goals and getting real with where you are right now. Pour yourself a glass of something tasty—my recommendation would be to mix seltzer water with a little bit of pomegranate juice. Turn on some music to get yourself feeling focused, and let’s dive into this time for reflection.

Let’s start with the positive.
What can you celebrate in your world of health and wellness? Even if it feels like everything is going wrong—even if you really have to squint to see it—what is going well? Then flip it. What isn’t going well? Make a definitive list, look at it closely, and then ask yourself:

• What can I learn from everything that’s going well versus the stuff that isn’t?
• What are my biggest worries or concerns regarding my health?
• If I could shout my proudest accomplishment from the highest mountain top, what would it be?
• Is there anything in my life that’s affecting my health, for better or worse?
• What is happening that makes me want to crawl into a dark corner?

Now, let’s consider actions that you can take to decrease your worries, roadblocks, and hang-ups regarding your health. Look back at that list of yours… What are the top three actions that will make it easier to avoid the obstacles that are setting you back?

After you’ve read this paragraph, close your eyes and envision your life three months from now. You’re feeling healthier than you have in a long time. You’ve created new habits and routines that keep you moving forward.

•  What did you do to create these changes?
•  What made these past three months so amazing?
What did it look like for you to get from day one to now?
Is there something that you stopped doing?

By the end of this exercise, you should be able to pinpoint the top three things that stand out as game changers for you and your health.

Health & Wellness: Habit Tracker

2. start setting goals.

After you’ve reflected on yourself, it’s time for the fun stuff: setting those goals!

Go back to those game changers that are holding you back.
We’re going to use those to create your quarterly goals. If three goals feel too daunting for the next couple of months, knock it down to one or two. Just make sure your goal is challenging yet attainable.

• Write each goal beginning with “I will…” Now’s the time to get specific, so consider phrasing your statements as answers to the following questions:
• Why is this goal important to you and your health?
• What do you have to do to get to your goal? List all of the steps.
• What challenges or obstacles do you anticipate coming up along the way?
• Who makes up your support team? (Psst, these types of people can include high-fiving optimists and “get it together” realists at the same time.)
• When you meet your goal, how will you celebrate?

Repeat this step for as many goals as you’ve identified, but no more than three.

3. get to work.

Every single health goal is going to look, feel, and sound different from person to person. And we all have different ways of staying on track. Here are some practical ways to remain dedicated to your goal:

• Post your goals in a place where you’ll see them every day
• Create (or download) a routine or habit tracker
• Ask a trusted friend to be your accountability partner
• Schedule time to work on your goal
• Celebrate small victories


4. review and reset.

As you work on your goals, perform a weekly check-in with yourself.
Then, at the end of each month, review your goals to see how you’re doing. Be sure to celebrate your wins first. Then dive into your hang-ups and recalibrate the goals that aren’t going well. If a goal just doesn’t make sense anymore, ditch it. If a goal was left behind while you were working on another, bring it to the top of the list and recenter your focus.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions:

• Do I need more accountability from someone?
• Would I benefit from a coach, trainer, therapist, app, friends, or family?
• Do I need people to back off?

From here, reset the goals that need tweaking and keep on moving.


If you have any questions, could use a high-five, or need a reminder of how fabulous you are, LMK on IG or send me a message now!


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