let’s talk about the stress cycle

A few weeks ago, in my IG Stories, I told the story of sucking my toe up the vacuum.

It’s a true story and my toe is healing well. Thanks for asking. 😉

So as we look at the stress cycle, I will use my vacuum toe experience as an example.

There are five pieces to the stress cycle:


1. triggering event

Ahem, my toe got stuck in a vacuum. (Still so embarrassing.)


2. sensory input

I first noticed that the vacuum shut off before I realized that my toe turned it off. I knew that I was in pain and needed to assess the damage.


3. mental response

I started to notice that my heart rate had increased and my fight or flight response was kicking in.


4. physical reaction

My body was tense and trembling and I could tell that I was sweating.


5. conflict resolution

While attending to my toe, I told myself to exhale because I know that I hold my breath in stressful situations. Then, I let my body shake a bit to reset my balance. Lastly, I went flat with my legs up to allow my parasympathetic nervous system to come back online. And eventually, I laughed at the entire situation.


Learning strategies to use in stressful situations is critical in helping manage the stress that we all experience.

Practice these strategies when we have less stress or aren’t in a stressful event is key to understanding your options AND integrating skills that work for you.

Using them and then refining them come later when you’ve experienced the stressor and discover whether or not your tools work for you.


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Always cheering you on as you navigate this wild life.


hugs + high-fives,

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