staying hydrated: 5 healthy alternatives to drinking water

are you staying hydrated?

Drinking water is an easy (but all-too forgotten) way to maintain your health and wellness. According to these guidelines for nutrition and healthy eating from the Mayo Clinic, we should all be drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day. 

That’s only a half gallon every day.

That’s roughly 2.3 liters.

That’s only four ounces every hour! (Assuming you’re awake 16 hours per day).

Of course, your daily activity or current circumstance—such as exercising, living in a hot environment, being sick, or being pregnant—may require you to drink more water than usual. 

But why is staying hydrated so important? Here are a few fast facts you might not know about water.


• Regulates your body temperature
• Lubricates your joints for better movement
• Carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout your body
• Eliminates toxins and waste from your body
• Supports healthy bowel movements
• Prevents uncomfortable conditions, such as heartburn, headaches, ulcers, kidney stones, and other aches and pains 

Want to stay cool? Move better? Live healthier? It all starts with drinking water!

If you’re trying to stay hydrated but just don’t like drinking water all by itself, here are some of the best alternatives to try now.

1. sparkling water

Check out this list of the 15 best sparkling waters from Women’s Health. Popular brands like Bubly, Polar, and La Croix offer dozens of sugar-free opportunities to hydrate.

2. water with a splash of fruit juice

Add a splash of 100% fruit juice to your water for a dash of sweetness. You’ll get the flavor you’re looking for—plus a small boost of nutrients—with a limited sugar shock. (Try adding lemon or cucumber, too!) Check out these healthy fruit juices.

3. coconut water

After a good workout (or a solid night of partying, maybe?) you’re probably feeling dehydrated. Refresh your body with coconut water, which is a low-calorie, high-potassium, electrolyte-fueled drink that is as hydrating as plain water, if not more so.

4. regular milk

Milk?! Believe it or not, milk contains the two major electrolytes, sodium and potassium, which help hydrate your body. Carbs and protein from milk also help your body recover from exercise

5. herbal teas

You’ve heard of chamomile tea. What about hibiscus tea or rose tea? These beverages are natural and caffeine-free, so they keep you hydrated and feeling calm, cool, and relaxed all at the same time.

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